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XBox360 talks to PSP, sort of
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 09 August 2005 07:00

I've seen much hype recently about the ability for the XBox360 to talk to the PSP . However, this supposedly "amazing" feat is anything but amazing. In fact, it's entirely what you'd expect! Why is this such a big deal? I've no idea, but I'll explain what really happens.

The PSP has a USB port on it. So far, most people have used this so that they can transfer data from their PC (or Mac) to their PSP's Memory Stick Duo. That's pretty handy, as you don' thave to keep removing the Memory Stick Duo from the PSP! For this to work, the PSP has to act as a USB Mass Storage Device. That means that it's simply pretending to be a USB Removable Drive, in the same way that a card reader does or a USB Flash drive does.

On the other side, the XBox360 can talk to USB Mass Storage Devices, such as USB Flash drives. Guess what the PSP pretends to be! That's right - it looks just like a USB Flash drive to the XBox360. So, as you'd expect, the XBox360 can see all the files on the PSP's Memory Stick Duo, in the same way that a PC or a Mac can see all the files on the PSP's Memory Stick Duo.

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