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Intel to talk Multi Cores at IDF
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 12 August 2005 10:04

The Inquirer is reporting that Intel is going to be really talking up the multi-core CPU at the upcoming Intel Developer's Conference. This is hardly surprising, given the fact that Intel is already shipping dual cores. Reports also indicate that the new cpus will be based around variants of the Pentium M core, and will be using the 65 nm manufacturing process. Again, hardly surprising.

What might be more interesting is the fact that Intel has pulled their quad-cpu product in to about Q4 of 2006. Because of this, it will be two dual core chips on a multi-chip module. This is interesting, because it suggests that Intel is feeling some pressure from AMD, especially considering that the product is supposedly going to be running on a 1066 MHz FSB. It's hard enough to keep a single P4 fed with that bus, and now Intel wants to try to push 4 cores with it? That just doesn't seem real bright. However, that is still a year away and a lot of things can happen between now and then. 

What should be entertaining is AMD's response. If Intel executes on their strategy of bringing the Dothan-based architecture mainstream, Intel is going to have some very nice tech, and AMD is going to need something better than current A64 to match.

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