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First Clarkdale benchmarks surface
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 16 April 2009 09:47

From The Inquirer:

FOLLOWING NEWS that Intel has retired Havendale even before it launched, having replaced it with Clarkdale, some pics and benchmarks of the upcoming Intel Clarkdale processor have been posted to the Xtremesystems' forum, courtesy of JCornell.

Clarkdale is the desktop counterpart to Arrandale, combining a 32nm CPU with a 45nm GPU on separate dies but in the same package. The processor is a dual-core hyper-threaded unit built on the Westmere Nehalem-shrink, features Turbo Boost tech and 4MB of 'smart cache' (L3 in fact, and in addition to 256KB per CPU core). The memory controller is now also integrated into the package, providing dual DDR3-1333 channels.

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