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OCZ Behemoth mouse review
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 17 April 2009 10:58

From Icrontic:

I’ve been accused of having a peripheral fetish, and I’m proud — well, not ashamed, at least — to admit it. From keyboards and mice to headphones and webcams, I tend to experiment a lot and have plenty of backups. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to do another peripheral review for Icrontic, and OCZ has sent us the Behemoth to evaluate. Read on to see our impressions and whether or not it’s worth your dollars.

Read the full review at Icrontic:

Even if you weren’t aware that the mouse was named the Behemoth, the first thing you’ll notice is its size. The standard mousing surfaces aren’t much bigger than that of any other mouse, but the size is in its girth. The mouse is wider than a standard mouse, and provides a place to seat both your ring and pinky finger on the mouse itself. These indentations seem universally placed, for right-handed mousers anyway, and are long enough to accommodate many differently sized hands.

Other notable features, even among gaming mice, include the weighting system and multiple cord-routing options. The mouse comes with five weights at 4.5 grams each, for a maximum weight of 22.5 grams, and the six different cable options can even route the cable out the sides.

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