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GE to stuff 500GB on a single disc
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 30 April 2009 07:22

by Rajesh Sharma - The Money Times

General Electric’s (GE) technological arm proclaims that it has devised a way of storing up to 500GB of data on a normal DVD sized disc. This breakthrough was attained by writing 3D patterns, which represent data onto a disc made out of micro-holographic technology. The disc then works as a mirror which makes it possible for a laser to read complete data stored in it.

The prospects of this holographic data storage have many of the potential consumers excited. Still in its research phase, it shows a potential of storing up to 500GB of data, or you can say 100 DVD’s in a single disc. This is way ahead of Blu-Ray disc that has a maximum capacity of 50GB.

GE’s ultimate goal is to be able to store 1TB of data on a single disc. The holographic disc player will also be compatible with Blu-ray discs, DVD’s, and CD’s. GE is targeting business consumers like medical researchers, movie studios as of now, but their final goal is to see these new disc players in every home.

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