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Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 02 September 2005 08:19

The Open Source movement appears to have scored a big win in Massachusetts.  The Financial Times is reporting that the state has declared that by the beginnning of 2007 all documents created and saved must be based on open formats, specifically either Open-Document or PDF, so that the state could guarantee that citizens could open and read electronic documents in the future.  Uncle Bill can't be too happy about that.

You know all those RIAA lawsuits for file sharing that have been going around?  Well, it looks like someone is fighting back, and they might actually have a leg to stand on. is reporting that Patricia Santangelo was sued for $7500 for copyright infringement by the RIAA, and decided to go to court and fight.  Apparently, the RIAA only has an IP address and the fact that their Kazaa account had a 'Shared Files Folder', but no actual incidents of illegal file sharing.  This should prove to be an interesting case before it is finished.

Speaking of legal matters, Intel finally filed its rebuttal to AMD's claims of anti-competitive practices by Intel.  Intel, of course, denies everything (big surprise there).  You can read more at

InformationWeek is reporting that a study commissioned by IBM shows Linux to be 40% cheaper than Windows when implementing an application server.  Given that studies commissioned by Microsoft always show Windows being cheaper than Linux, we shouldn't be surprised at the outcome of this study.  Basically, all the studies really prove is that the company paying for the study gets the results they want.

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