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ATI R520 Roadmap and Pricing
Written by Pitch   
Wednesday, 14 September 2005 09:39

Cadaveca once again brings us news from the red corner on ATi's upcoming R520.

I've already commented on performance..look for the XL between the GTX and GT 7800 series cards stock performance, and the XT to be faster stock than the nVidia card. We will see how overclocks go... if they send me a card...

Card        Pipes        Core            Memory                                    MSRP

XT            16            600MHz         700MHz 512MB GDDR3            $599
XL            16            550MHz         625MHz 512MB GDDR3            $499
PRO          16            500MHz        500MHZ 256MB  GDDR3            $449
LE             12           450MHZ         450MHz 256MB GDDR3            $349

Cadaveca has been right so far, let's see if this latest information holds out.

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