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Want a Cell dev system?
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 20 September 2005 10:18

Toshiba have revealed that they're going to launch a Cell development system, for developers who want to get into the Cell processor and learn how it all works. The dev system includes a Cell processor, as well as the "Super Companion Chip" which appears to handle audio and video. Specifically, it handles analog audio and video I/O, digital audio and video output as well as firewire and a digital tuner interface. It also provides a high speed bus, high speed networking and some form of hard disk interface. SATA or IDE perhaps?

Additionally, Toshiba have developed a power supply controller for the Cell processor, which works together with some new power transistors (presumably MOSFETs) in a four phase design. It also runs at 1MHz, which is a little bit faster than most CPU regulators on current motherboards. Hopefully this will prevent any audible noise, and will be high efficiency.

No word is provided as to how much RAM is supplied if any, nor the type of memory the dev system needs. More details will probably appear at CEATEC Japan 2005, which starts 4th October 2005. The system should appear for sale in April 2006, and will have support for Linux and ITRON OS initially.


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