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PA Semi's new low power CPU Design
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 09:56

Want to see the future of low power computing, and eventually of ALL computing?  PA Semi might have it on tap with their new PA6T-1682M.

Well, ok, what's so special about PA Semi?  After all, didn't Transmeta doe the same thing with the Crusoe chip?

Well, yes and no.  Crusoe is a nice chip, but it is a one-size-fits-all solution.  The thing about the PA Semi implementation is that not only is it low power, but it is also designed specifically for the embedded applications market, and it is specifically designed so that potential customers can add or drop components as needed to get the design that is targeted perfectly at their application.  In addition, the PA Semi implementation should be able to offer performance that is significantly better than Crusoe for about the same power budget.  The target is 13w average, with 25w max total power, running at 2 GHz on each core.  That's right, EACH core; it is a dual core CPU.

The Inquirer has a nice writeup about it here, and Real World Tech has a nice article here.  You can also look at PA Semi's blurbs here.

So, what do you think.  Is this the real deal?  Do these guys really have something?  Or is this just more of the same?  Tell us, in the forums!

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