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Report Blasts EV Viability, Advocates Call Report Biased, Outdated
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 18:11

From DailyTech

A new study by the National Research Council says battery vehicles may not be viable for some time

The National Research Council is a leading research group which provides scientific and technical advice to the federal government under a Congressional charter. The group has released a new study which indicates that electric vehicles are unlikely to be financially viable or environmentally helpful in the near future.  Ironically, the study was funded by the Obama administration's U.S. Energy Department, one of the biggest advocates of electric plug-ins.

The report estimates that for EVs to be successful, the government will have to sink hundreds of billions into the new market.  It also concludes that the investment will do little to cut oil consumption or combat carbon emissions before 2030.  Until then, the gains will be too modest and usage will be too low to make a significant impact.

With the help of large government subsidies and incentives and advances in battery technology, the report estimates that EVs numbers could reach 40 million by 2030.  The report cites the high costs of lithium-ion batteries -- the power storage system in most planned EVs -- as limiting market adoption of the fuel-efficient vehicles.  [More...] [Comments...]



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