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New Lithium-ion Anode Uses Nanocomposites for Better Battery Performance
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 17:58

From Daily Tech

The number of uses for nanocomposite materials is staggering. The material has been the source of some revolutionary breakthroughs in many areas of research. One of the most beneficial places for nanocomposite materials has been in battery research.


Battery research is important for many uses ranging from electronic devices like notebooks with longer run times to electric cars that have greater driving ranges. Two of the key components in the structure of a battery are the anode and cathode. Researchers have developed a new anode structure built using silicon-carbon nanocomposite materials. The new anode promises to allow a massive improvement in the performance of current lithium-ion batteries.

The breakthrough anode uses self-assembling nanocomposite material in a technique that results in a structure with very finely tuned properties. The new breakthrough isn’t the first time researchers have tried to use silicon-based anodes in lithium-ion batteries. Previous attempts to design a silicon-based anode failed because the anodes were not stable enough for practical use.

The reason the silicon-based anodes previously designed weren't practical for normal use was that expansion and contraction of the anode as lithium ions enter and leave the silicon created cracks that cause anode failure rapidly. The new anode breakthrough using the silicon-carbon nanocomposite material uses a "bottom-up" self-assembly technique to tune the structure of the anode to overcome the shortcomings of the previous silicon-based anodes.

Gleb Yushin, an assistant professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology said, "Development of a novel approach to producing hierarchical anode or cathode particles with controlled properties opens the door to many new directions for lithium-ion battery technology."  [More...] [Comments...]



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