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Sony DRM backfires yet again
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 18 November 2005 10:10

Just when Sony was begining to make amends over the now highly embarassing DRM saga, it appears that the copyright protection software, XCP, contains code stolen from an opensource project.

The code appears to be taken from the free VLC media player and was written by Jon Lech. The software is free, but you can't take it and sell it. You know that right? It would seem that someone working for the UK company First4Internet was ignorant of this. Ironic, in the extreme, when you consider that this company specialises in protecting copyrighted material!

Sony and First4Internet can consider themselves OWNED by a pair of hackers. Matti Nikki the Finnish hacker alerted Jon Lech about the "copy/pasting" of his code.

The proof at
Jon Lech's blog

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