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Mini PC
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 04:15

MiniPC Japan have been busy working on shrinking their computers, and have come up with this little box. Whilst sizewise it challenges even the MiniMac, I think all will agree that the look leaves a bit to be desired. It seems unfortunate that PCs generally look so ugly compared to their sleek Mac brothers. On the other hand, it really is only 160mm wide  by 125mm deep by 55mm high. The list price is US$459.31 with no processor. That makes it rather expensive too!

Internally, it supports either a Pentium M or a Celeron M processor together with a single 2.5 inch hard disk, but no optical drive. There's a single memory slot that can handle a 1GiB DIMM and a Mini-PCI slot. Ethernet is only 10/100, but it does support USB2. With these limitations it'll never be a performance machine (especially with onboard graphics), but it would make a good quiet web/email/office system. Just don't expect to play games on it. If you want to see the insides, there's somemore pictures behind the "More" link.


Tech Specs


CPU Intel Pentium M/Celeron M MicroFCPGA (FSB 400/533MHz)
[ Supported CPUs ]
Pentium M 780/770/760/750/740/765/755/745/735/725/715 (Dothan)
1.7GHz/1.6GHz/1.5GHz/1.4GHz/1.3GHz (Banias)
Celeron M 380/370/360/360J/350/350J/340/320/310
BIOS Award Flash BIOS
Video Intel 852GME chip set built-in
Display memory: 8/16/32MB (uses system memory)
Highest resolution: 1920x1200 32bit color
Chipset Intel 852GME (82852GME GMCH and ICH4-M)
Memory Maximum 1GB DDR266 or DDR333 DIMM
(single slot supporting PC2100 or PC2700 184-pin DIMM)
IDE UltraATA100
Single 44pinIDE for one hard disk
Ethernet Controller: Intel 82562ET
Ethernet interface: 100/10 Mbps
Serial port One RS-232 port (DB-9 connector)
USB Two USB2.0 ports
Keyboard/mouse PS/2 keyboard/mouse common connector
(Uses Y cable to connect both)
Power management Support for Wake ON LAN, standby and suspend. ACPI 1.0 compatible
Sound Intel ICH4-M onboard audio.
AC97 interchangeable interface (AC97 Codec: ALC201A)
Built-in HDD bay 2.5 inch HDD
Expansion slot One 32bit Mini-PCI slot
External connectors 1 PS/2
1 RJ45 LAN port
1 Serial port
2 USB2.0 ports
1 VGA port
1 Audio jack (line output)

Some more images of the machine

Back of the machine 

Inside, with the fan removed and harddisk under motherboard.

Fan tray in place, with speed control for fan.


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