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Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 31 December 2005 10:31
Next mod: Acrylic, water, bling. (Planning stages)

I like the basic layout of this case. What I am planning is to make a water rig more for bling than bang. This is about a month off. I'm only planning it atm. This PC doesn't have to be fast, just has to look sweet. I'm sick of my PC's at work and I wanted to throw together a decent machine. Might as well go crazy with it though.

In my mod I plan to use a ITX board mounted upside down. The next divider would be just far enough away from the board to clear it. All the return water lines would only run to this divider, and pour back into the lower section where the water reservoir would be. The divider would prevent water from splashing on the board. With lighting, the churning water will look really cool. The overall size would be a 8" cube. The motherboard area would be slotted in the back for air intake. The PSU wouls be mounted with it's intake drawing air through a hole in the wall the motherboard is mounted to, and forcing it out the back of th case. This would allow for airflow over the motherboard without adding a fan.

|Flex 200wpsu | Laptop Slim CD|
| | Hard drive |
| Motherboard (facing down) |
|________________________________|Splash guard Divider
| |
| |
| |
| Water Reservoir |
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ |
| |
| |
|________________________________| Finned aluminum plate floor for heat transfer.

Watch and comment as it unfolds!


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