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One Dead Belkin UPS
Written by Aidan   
Friday, 20 January 2006 12:08

 Quick synopsis of what happened:
I had someone around to replace the consumer unit (fuse board), as the existing one did not have enough spaces for some extra wiring that needed to be done. Hence, it was replaced, which required the power to be turned off. Heck, I wasn't worried, as the two UPS devices powering everything should be able to cope.

So, I come home in the evening from work, and discover my Belkin UPS with no lights on. Figuring that it's battery probably died during the power outage, I hit the power button. No joy, so I examined things a bit closer. The battery was charged, so maybe it charged itself back up again after the outage. Figuring that the microcontroller maybe got itself into a tiz, I disconnected the battery and the mains. That should reset the thing! Next step, reconnect the battery, and reconnect the mains.

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