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Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 26 January 2006 08:06

AMD is feeling right peppy these days, and they have a right to.  According to research firm Mercury Research, AMD went from 12.7% to 16.4% market share in servers, while desktop went from 20.4% to 24.3%, and mobile went from 12.2% to 15.1%.  The upshot of all this is that AMD now has approximately 21.4% of the total CPU market.  This is quite a change for AMD, and if it is not THE largest market share that AMD has ever had, it is the largest market share AMD has had for quite some time.  More on this at The Enquirer.

However, all is not wonder and merriment in AMD-land.  AMD appears to have some capacity issues that will have to be addressed.  In addition, AMD is still at the 90 nM technology node, while Intel is currently at the 65 nM node with Yonah and just announced that they had 45 nM tech working.  The folks at Intel believe they are on track to begin volume manufacturing with 45nM 2007.  Up to this point, the game has pretty much been AMD's to lose.  Now Intel is getting its act together again.  This can only be good news for the consumer.  You can talk about this further in our discussion thread.

Finally, for those who were unaware, embattled motherboard manufacturer Abit Computing (the makers of the venerable NF7) announced yesterday that they will be aquired by Universal Scientific Industrial USI.  More on this story can be found at DigiTimes, here, and here.

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