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My burn-in technique (New files uploaded to the software repository)
Written by Super Nade   
Monday, 30 January 2006 21:36
My Burn-in process:

Memory is at stock or any guarenteed stable setting. I will be using StressCPU and CPUBurn. Goals are to achieve a higher stable OC at a progressively decreasing VCore, aided by conventional burn-in.For Dual core CPU's, I would recommend burning-in both core simultaneously. Ther is usually one weak core, which may need a bit more work to bring it up to par with the stronger core. Extra burning-in should not hurt, so keep working with both cores simultaneously throught the process. As always, I mean run two instances of the toasting programs

Just to put things in perspective, with my Venice, out-of-the-box, I could hit 2.55GHz at stock volts, but getting to 2.6GHz necissitated the use of 1.65V! This was prior to the burn-in. After the burn-in, I'm comfortabley lodged at 2.77GHz @ 1.64V. I followed this elaborate process with some measure of success. It may or may-not work for you, it did for me.
  • Stock settings for 6hrs (StressCPU)
  • Bump net CPU Freq by 50 MHz for 1 hr (Edit*4 hrs) (CPUBurn with error checking off). If you computer crashes,back off by 20MHz.
  • Check status for 30 min using StressCPU. If you find errors,bump voltage by 0.025 V and repeat step #2.
  • Continue this process till you reach your Magic number/Target Freq (mine is 2.7GHz).
  • Turn off error checking and use CPUBurn for > 14 hrs i.e overnight.
  • Turn off computer, let it cool down and then use Stress CPU to check for errors. Let it run for the rest of the day. If you still see errors, you have not completed setps 1, 2 properly and have jumped the gun. Don't be hasty!
  • Now decrease VCore in steps of 0.025 V and see if you get errors. The idea is to reduce the voltage threshold by this back and forth process.

Many people have reported success with this procedure. Hope it helps you too! The requisite programs have been uploaded into the software repository; AOA Files and can be found here: 
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