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UbiSoft sued for using StarForce
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 03 April 2006 09:28

A gentleman by the name of Christopher Spence has filed a class action lawsuit against UbiSoft.  The suit alleges that:

  1. UbiSoft titles using StarForce DRM do not always indicate that they are installing the StarForce DRM software.
  2. StarForce DRM can compromise the security of a Windows computer by allowing a virus or trojan to take control of a computer despite any security patches that may be installed.
  3. Users do not receive a notice that removal of the StarForce DRM may be required to prevent their computer from being compromised
  4. Uninstalling UbiSoft titles using StarForce DRM may not, in fact, remove the StarForce DRM from the computer.
You can read the entire draft of the suit against UbiSoft here.

So, what do you think?  Is Mr. Spence right to sue UbiSoft?  Should he be going directly after StarForce instead?  Is this a frivolous lawsuit that should never have seen the light of day?  Tell us, in the forums!

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