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Sony to Discontinue UMD Video Format?
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 04 April 2006 08:29

Sci-Tech is reporting that there are rumors that Sony is going to pull the UMD format for videos and movies from the market.  Apparently, UMD video sales have been, err, less than stellar.  Although UMD is the storage format used for the PSP, most PSP owners are apparently not using their devices to watch videos.  According to Frost and Sullivan analyst Mukul Krishna, part of the Sony's problem is that the UMD format is proprietary.  In addition, "Sony has to realize that [the PSP's attraction] is really gaming. Looking at movies, especially in the UMD format, doesn't make any sense."

So, what do you think?  Is the UMD format doomed?  Do you like to watch movies on your PSP, or do you use it more for playing games and other things?  If you could watch videos on other media besides UMD, would it make a difference?  If you could hook the PSP up to your TV set and watch the UMD videos on a bigger screen, would that change your mind?  Tell us, in the forums!

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