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D-Link Routers Alleged to be Damaging Denmark's Internet Infrastructure
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 08 April 2006 11:47

So, here's the deal:

Poul-Henning Kamp runs an NTP server at  This time server is maintained, by him, for free, so that the Denmark Internet eXchange (DIX) can have a Statum 1 time server.  Because this is considered a vital publich server, is free, and is a low bandwidth protocol, DIX has agreed not to charge him for the bandwidth usage and connection fees.  Although the server is published in the list of Stratum 1 servers, it is published with two restrictions:

  1. Service Area: Networks BGP-announced on the DIX
  2. Access Policy: open access to servers, please, no client use
This means that only networks actually connected to DIX can use this resource, and only SERVERS on the DIX should use it.

D-Link is alleged to have violated the restrictions on this server by coding the name of Mr. Kamp's time server into the firmware of a number of their products.  This has resulted in significant bandwidth usage and has caused no end of problems for both Mr. Kamp and to a lesser extent, DIX.

Mr. Kamp has tried to contact D-Link to resolve the matter.  Through D-Link's lawyers, Mr. Kamp has been essentially told to 'piss off'.

You can read more about Mr. Kamp's problems in his open letter to D-Link.  So far, D-Link has made no public response.  Further, Richard Clayton has written a piece about this issue as well (he apparently was the consultant that Mr. Kamp hired).

To be sure, so far we only have Mr. Kamp's version of the story, as D-Link has not said anything themselves.  However, a perusal of D-Link's web site DOES reveal several firmware updates have recently been released that indicate a fix for an NTP issue.

So, what do you think?  Does Mr. Kamp appear to be acting reasonably?  What about D-Link?  Who's right?  Should D-Link compensate Mr. Kamp for his time and effort, or is Mr. Kamp in fact extorting D-Link?  Tell us in the forums!


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