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Voltmod your 7800GT
Written by Pitch   
Monday, 10 April 2006 06:54

With the release of the 7900 range, the 7800 range prices have nosedived. Monkeyman clues us in to a way of voltmodding the 7800GT to get the absolute maximum from this card. And all this without any tricky soldering?

"Most of you have probably heard about various hard-mods that you can perform on your graphics card, whilst component values vary from card to card they all basically involve the inclusion of a variable resistor so that the voltage across the core and/or memory is increased/decreased depending on the chosen value of the resistor.

These methods are often very effective at improving the maximum stable overclocks obtained, however they are also a very easy way to ruin your hard-earned card. Some excess solder creating an unwanted bridge to another component or a variable resistor set too high upon initial testing can render a card useless.

Hard modding also usually requires the use of high performance cooling such as water or phase change due to the much higher voltages raising thermal output drastically.

The following guide is a less effective method in that it will yeild a lesser gain in performance than hard-modding, however it is less risky and very easy to return to its orignal state if no gains are realised. It involves changing values in the BIOS of your card to increase the 3D performance mode voltage from 1.4 volts to 1.5 volts an increase of just over 7%."

Read the rest and feel free to discuss In the forums!


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