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Pentium D 805; The New Overclockers Choice?
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 16 April 2006 10:17

The Pentium D 805 is a rather lowly Intel chip; 2.6 GHz, 533 MHz FSB.  However, it has two characteristics that make it interesting to overclockers:  it's cheap ($134 at NewEgg), and according to the folks at TechwareLabs, it's a mad overclocker, capable of hitting upwards of 3.9 GHz, and giving the Athlon64 3800+ X2 a run for its money.  Considering that the AMD chip is running almost $300 at NewEgg, that makes it appear to be a hella bargain.

So, what do you think?  If you were building a system today, would you use this chip?  If you favor AMD chips, whould this make you think again about an Intel chip?  Tell us, in the forums!

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