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Sony to Cut PS2 Price, According to Analyst
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 17 April 2006 08:33

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian expects Sony to drop the price of the PS2 to $129 before the end of April.

"Hardware price cuts are necessary not only to drive demand at the end of a console cycle, but also to bring the current-generation consoles within reach of more value-oriented customers," Sebastian said.  More on this can be read at Reuters.

Statistics indicate that Sony has sold more than 101 million PS2 systems to date.  With that many systems already out in the world, one has to wonder if Sony hasn't pretty well already saturated the market for PS2 sales.  Has everyone who wants a PS2 pretty much already gotten one, or will this allow Sony to garner even more system sales?  And, will this have any impact on the upcoming release of the Revolution from Nintendo?  Tell us what you think, in the forums!


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