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Mod Squad Project 1: How to convert an ATX case into a BTX case.
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 20 April 2006 16:51

AOA recently opened a new Topic; "The Chop Shop" was concived as a new home for our "Mod Squad." Hopfully this will be but the first of many mods to come...":O}

Written by FAVU:

"There are many reasons for wanting to do this type of modification - it lets you drop the CPU from the top of the case, which is usually hotter, as hot air rises, and it also turns your GFX card the "right way" up, so that you can see that amazing logo on the heatsink.

A "true" BTX case will retain the power supply at the top of the case, with just the CPU right at the bottom. This is better, but when starting out with a standard ATX case, it is a lot more work. I haven't actually had the oppertunity to finish this case off yet, as it was pressed into service for my brother's retro Celeron rig. However I will show you the basics, in the hope that you can use this as a base for other modifications, like windows, painting and such.

The first step is to disassemble your ATX case until you just have the chassis, without the side panels."

Read the entire Mod here in the Forums and offer your comments and suggestions!


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