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To GPL, or not to GPL?
Written by Dsio   
Wednesday, 24 May 2006 10:45

It seems the XGL LiveCD distro, called Kororaa has been threatened by a kernel developer, accused of violating the GPL, by including Nvidia and ATI drivers in its LiveCD.

Under the GPL, you are not allowed to combine GPL, and non-GPL works that are related in the same distribution. As a result of the linux distro containing primarily GPL works, and the Nvidia/ATI drivers being closed source, privately written code, including drivers in a linux distro violates this rule.

Am I the only person who thinks making closed source drivers (which are that way to protect valuable IP) a violation of the GPL is a stupid idea?

I will post the information from in the next post.

For a much more indepth exploration and analisis of the situation Please go to the Forums


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