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Analysts Doubt AMD, Intel Future Performance
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 02 June 2006 09:44

Analysts with Handelsbanken Capital expect Intel to issue another profit warning this quarter, because "Intel 'stuffed the channel'".  The original story is in German, but according to this article at The Inquirer, Intel's average selling price has dropped from $109 in March to $52 in April, making the ASP 40% lower than at the same time last year, and total sales 52% lower than they were a year ago.  They feel that Intel has given up all hope of making money on current product and that Intel has resorted to a price war with AMD.

However, not all is golden with AMD, either.  David Wu, with Global Crown Capital Equity Research thinks AMD is using smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that it really doesn't have anything ready to effectively compete with Conroe or Woodcrest.  As a result, he is predicting that Intel will have product superiority for at least the next year, according to this other article at The Inquirer.

One thing you can count on from analysts is consistency in their predictions. (That was sarcasm.)  As always, you can feel free to comment in the forums.

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