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'IPod rival' speculation dampened
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 07 July 2006 01:00

The BBC is reporting

'Microsoft has said reports that the company is planning an MP3 player to rival the iPod are based on "speculation and rumours".

The software giant and games console firm said it did not "have anything to announce at this time".'

However, if you look at The Inquirer, here:

"The software giant is about to launch its own 'iPod killer' around Crimbo with its own Volish formats. Under the cunning plan, Vole will scan iTunes for music that you have already bought from Apple and add them to your Microsoft account."

Note, however, that Microsoft did not explicitly deny anything, only that they don't have anything to announce, and anything that you hear on the street is strictly rumor.  Hmmm...........

Thanks to aghastpumpkin for pointing out the report from the BBC.

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