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YouOS a browser based operating system
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 08 July 2006 03:05

YouOS is a new browser based operating system which is being developed by some university graduates in the US. They started this project in late 2005.

The desktop runs within the browser and there are already quite a few applications available, such as a rich text editor, instant messaging and file manager. Because YouOS runs on virtually any browser, you don't have to have Windows or a regular PC - any device with a web browser will run it. Everything is virtual, so when you upload a file or install an application, it does not install on your own machine, but resides in cyberspace. Therefore, you can access your stuff from any machine easily.

Take a look for yourself and try out the alpha demo at (just click on the demo link and off you go!)


 Screen shot shows YouOS running in FireFox

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