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DailyTech reports on Mark Rein's (Epic Games) objections to Intel's integrated graphics
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 15 July 2006 10:20
Epic Games boss Mark Rein has it in for Intel

Just when you thought Intel was having sitting proud with its new Core 2 Duo/Extreme processors which are turning out to be quite the gaming chip, here comes an attack from a totally different angle. When it comes to PC gaming, Epic Games Co-Founder Mark Rein has an axe to grind with Intel. Rein took Intel to task over heavily promoting its integrated graphics offerings on the desktop and notebook front that are far inferior to the latest in graphics technology used by ATI and NVIDIA.

Integrated graphics offerings from Intel litter the PC market and are the reason why the company is still the number one provider of graphics controllers in the industry. When DailyTech last reported on the status of the graphics industry, Intel was leading the way with 37.5% of the market. The next closest was ATI with 26.5% and NVIDIA followed with 18.7%. "Integrated graphics cannot compete with the console gaming experience. If you're going to be out there creating these great next-generation games that kick ass and look wonderful, and help to sell these next-gen systems, you're screwed if your customers have Intel integrated graphics," said Rein at the at the Develop conference.

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