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spanielgita hacks out PC voice commands
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006 10:15
"Control your PC using xbox remote and voice".
This project is to complement my diy projector. I find it rather tiresome to be playing about with the PC when i have friends round to watch a movie.I would rather sit on my rear and control the PC remotely. So i had a look to see if someone had done it before and sure enough, they had.

The xbox remote control, it turns out, can be hacked so it will be compatible with pcs. Once you have rewired the receiver with a USB cable and installed the xbox remote driver/utility then you are ready to do basic remote control of media applications.

With the addition of a program called autoworkers this simple control can be expanded into something much more complex. instead of just using the controller to play, pause, mute media applications it is possible to write scripts to basically do anything! including emulation of the mouse and the ability to shutdown the computer.

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