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Someone at MOBB is looking out for us! Many Thanks HD Moore
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 28 July 2006 13:45
MOBB Bug Among Mozilla Patches

JULY 27, 2006 | Among a round of security patches issued yesterday by Mozilla in a new version of its Firefox browser was a critical one first discovered by the head researcher of the Month of Browser Bugs (MOBB) project. (See Getting Buggy with the MOBB.)

The vulnerability in the Firefox browser allows a so-called "race condition" in JavaScript's garbage collector, which lets an attacker execute arbitrary code and ultimately load adware and malware, or destroy the hard disk. A race condition is when a system tries to perform two or more operations simultaneously, which wreaks havoc because they must be done in the proper sequence.

But HD Moore, the researcher who heads up MOBB and found the Firefox bug, as of press time had not yet published the bug on his site. He had agreed to hold off until after Mozilla had released the updates to its browser. The MOBB project, although well-respected, has faced some criticism on publishing bugs before vendors have patched the problems.

Mozilla released the new Firefox version, which patches the JavaScript bug as well as 12 other vulnerabilities, 7 of those which Mozilla categorized as "critical," a day after alerting users of vulnerabilities. Among the other vulnerabilities patched in the new version are cross-site scripting, heap overflow, privilege access, JavaScript engine, and object vulnerabilities.

"We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to this latest release," Chris Beard, vice president of products for Mozilla said in a statement.

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