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No MS, no cry, time to get out of trench-town
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 30 July 2006 09:05
Opera Browser, Still Perfecting Its Pitch

By Michael Tedeschi
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, July 30, 2006; Page F07

Suddenly, the Web browser is in the spotlight again -- and it's looking better than ever.

These days, browsers come with tabs so multiple Web pages can be opened in a single window. Colorful icons represent commands such as "back" and "refresh." And of course, there's the ability to add a search bars from Google, Yahoo and others.

There's also a variety of browsers to choose from.

Microsoft is in the final tests of a new Internet Explorer, trying to hold off the growing defection of its users to the popular alternative: Mozilla's Firefox. And then there's Opera, which isn't really as new a player as one might think.

The Opera browser, which has been around for years, recently released its ninth version. Opera was the first browser to offer many enhancements that are now included in others, including tabbed browsing. And its latest version has some cutting-edge features, such as voice recognition and one that allows you to add notes of your own to a Web site.

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