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Pot calls the kettle black, MS put Belkin on the rack!
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 01 August 2006 12:32
Microsoft Files Patent Infringement Claim Against Belkin

By Paula Rooney, CRN
1:04 PM EDT Tue. Aug. 01, 2006

Microsoft has filed a patent infringement complaint against peripherals maker Belkin with the International Trade Commission.

In the complaint, filed Tuesday, Microsoft claims that Belkin, a Compton, Calif.-based supplier of cables and networking, PC and other computer accessories, violated a Microsoft patent by importing a product that allegedly infringes on the software giant's U2 technology.

Microsoft said it currently licenses U2 technology to several firms, including KYE Systems, Fellowes, Targus, Monterey International and Behavior Technology Computer and has tried unsuccessfully for two years to engage Belkin in similar licensing negotiations...

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