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Corsair introduces power supplies
Written by Rondog   
Wednesday, 02 August 2006 14:51

"Corsair announced that it's entering the power supply market with two new power supplies. The new Corsair HX620W and HX520W power supplies feature a modular design for flexible cable routing capabilities. Corsair is catering the new HX620W and HX520W towards enthusiast gamers, workstations and file servers. Three +12V rails are present on the HX620W and HX520W for a maximum 50 amps output rating on the HX620W and maximum 40 amps output rating on the lesser HX520W."

Image Courtesy of Corsair Memory

Read the rest of the article at DailyTech. Corsair's Press Release is here.

This will definately throw a cat amoungst the pigeons in the enthusiast market, where not only do we require powersupplies to run at high power levels, and be efficient, and thirdly high ampere ratings on the 12V lines.

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