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PS3 requires memory card adapter for PS2/PS1 memory cards
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 06 August 2006 13:35

According to the Sony PS3 site (look at item 11), you will need an adapter before you can read game data from your PS1/PS2 memory cards.  This might not be as bad as it sounds, though.  You'll have to copy the memory card data to a virtual memory card on the hard disk, but presumably you'll be able to copy that same data out to a USB thumb drive, so the information will still be portable between PS3 systems, or other PS1/PS2 systems by copying back to the PS1/PS2 memory card via the adapter.  The real question will be whether Sony will want to gouge you for the adapter, or if it will be part of the system purchase.

Given that Sony is really hoping to convert a large portion of the existing PS1/PS2 user-base, and is working hard to make backwards compatibility actually work, I would hope that the adapter will be part of the package (especially for $500 or $600).  Somehow, though, I doubt that it will.

What do you think?  Will the adapter be part of the package, or will Sony gouge us for it?  Tell us, in the forums!  

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