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Apple juice.... Is Cider!
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 07 August 2006 08:13
Play Windows Games Directly in Apple OS X
Tuan Nguyen (Blog) - August 7, 2006 10:03 AM

TransGaming introduces Cider

From the same developers that brought Windows games to the Linux platform (Cedega), TransGaming this week introduced Cider, an application "wrapper" that essentially allows Mac gamers to install and play Windows games directly in OS X -- no dual-booting or virtualization required.

Cider works by translating API calls in real-time into code that OS X can understand. This includes all features such as 3D acceleration, sound and the rest of a game's features. Video acceleration is also supported. TransGaming says that using Cider will be transparent to users. Gamers simply install and launch a game like they would in Windows -- all the work is handled by Cider in the background. For developers, TransGaming says that by bundling Cider with their Windows games, Apple users can simply go out, purchase the same game, and bring it home and enjoy it on their Macs. There's no need for developers to develop "Mac" versions of their games. According to TransGaming:...

There MORE on this @ DailyTech


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