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Putting the squeeze on
Written by SurlyJoe   
Wednesday, 19 May 2004 07:17
This guy MadHacker over at pro cooling has crammed an impressive amount of 1/2" watercooling gear into minitower.

"still plan to watercool the powersupply and it still needs a paint job.. I think i should be a plumber..."

Way to get your shoehorn on dood!

Read it here

Interesting Links V31
Written by R0BB23   
Wednesday, 19 May 2004 07:02

Featured Links:

Other Links:

Tek Panel
Written by SurlyJoe   
Tuesday, 18 May 2004 16:19

I have been talkin about hanging an LCD on the side of a mid tower for a long time, but when you have a 30" LCD, you just stuff the PC inside!

"Put the Tek Panel 300 in front of any serious gamer and you’ll need a towel and a squeegee to wipe up all the drool. The fact that Hy-Tek could squeeze all of these high-end components into a slightly thicker-than-normal LCD casing is a testament to their engineering and design prowess."

Read it here

Our users show us their rigs!
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 17 May 2004 20:14

chr's setup

and new member BlueMg's rig

See these and more here!

ET water-cools NF3 250 Pro coolness!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 15 May 2004 00:00

In ET's own words, "Small NF3 250 Pro watercooling project I've done this morning here.........".

Waterblock on CPU

Take a peek in the fourm

New Sony midtower
Written by SurlyJoe   
Wednesday, 12 May 2004 00:00
The new Sony Vaio-r has a gap between the bottom and top parts of the case. definitly a new place to mount fans!

"The sophisticated black tower not only looks cool but acts cool. The dynamic airflow design, liquid cooled heat exchanger and efficient fans allow the unit to take on high-intensity processing without breaking a sweat. Also with air intake in the middle of the PC instead of the front, the noise level is drastically reduced, allowing for AV enjoyment without the interference of internal noise."

Read more here

Good Wood
Written by SurlyJoe   
Wednesday, 12 May 2004 00:00
This guy does the wood-over on a dragon frame and gives it a sweet tudor look. And check out those pimpin wood fan grills!!

" Seeing as how this was my first attempt at this, I figured it came out pretty well. Although it is a little too big and the main circle isn't exactly round. Of course, ATi has since then changed their logo for the worse, making my grill out of date but I like the old one better anyway. My second grill is the one below, an AMD grill. It does block a quite a bit of the air as many have pointed out in the project log of this project but I don't mind as enough of it gets through."

Read it here

Gizmo and his Dragon!
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 11 May 2004 00:00

Gizmo's been hard at work again, this time with a unusual window mod. I'll let Gizmo explain in his own words:

First off, I had Judy split the image into a foreground and background, then I had the great guys at make me a laser etching of both the front and back on separate plates.

Then, I took a piece of 1/4" plexi about 1/2" wide and 2" long and glued one small piece to each edge of the back plate, and then glued on the front plate (after making sure everything was clean, of course), using plastic cement. Once that set up, I drilled a small hole in each side just large enough for a high-brightness blue LED........

Gizmo's Dragon

Read it here

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