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Microsoft, Ford In Electric Car Venture
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 17:59

From Information Week

Software maker will tie its energy management platform to Ford's vehicles in effort to boost power efficiency.
Microsoft is working with automaker Ford to develop an application that will help consumers better manage the power required to charge electric vehicles.

Under the plan, Microsoft will add a module to its Hohm energy management portal that will aid electric car owners in determining when it's cheapest and most efficient to recharge their vehicles.

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"Electric vehicles will play an important role in the global effort to improve energy efficiency and address the issues of climate change and sustainability," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, in a statement.

The companies noted that electric vehicles could add considerable dollars to consumers' utility bills and could also strain power grids if the bulk of owners recharge their power cells at roughly the same time in the evening.

"Ford and Microsoft will deliver a solution that will make it easier for car owners to make smart decisions about the most affordable and efficient ways to recharge electric vehicles, while giving utilities better tools for managing the expected changes in energy demand," said Ballmer. [More...] [Comments...]



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