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A fast guide to system rescue using open tools
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 18:17

From ARS Technica

Technology is wonderful, until it stops working as expected. Computers have a nasty habit of developing glitches or just going belly up altogether at the worst possible times. There's nothing that can prevent that, but a couple of open source tools can help mitigate disaster and maybe even save the day altogether. With Clonezilla you can create a perfect copy of your system. Using the System Rescue CD, you'll have all the tools you need to recover from many system crashes.
To thy data be kind

It might be tempting to rely on system troubleshooting skills to save the day, but the only guaranteed way to keep your data safe is to do regular system backups. Never ask "should I be paranoid about losing my data?" Ask "just how paranoid should I be about losing my data?"The answer to that question, if you have any files that can't be easily replaced—especially things like family photos or documents that you've created—is very paranoid.

So let's start with Clonezilla, an open source clone system. That is to say, it's a system for creating a clone of your existing system. Clonezilla is designed to do more than just back up your data—it's actually designed to create a fully working copy of an installed system. Clonezilla comes in two editions: Clonezilla Live and Clonezilla Server. The server edition is geared towards massive clone/restore scenarios and it requires a server to receive the cloned partitions and a system or systems booted off of PXE or Etherboot.

That's probably overkill for most users, so I'll focus here on Clonezilla Live. What you'll need, aside from the the CD itself, is a system to clone and a target system or hard drive to receive the image or images. Using Clonezilla you can copy images over SSH, Samba, NFS, or to a USB disk.  [More...] [Comments...]



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