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Early IE9 Platform Preview results show promise
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 08 April 2010 17:54

From Ars technica

We've argued that Microsoft needs to engage more with Web developers to give a better understanding of what the company is doing with its Web browser, allow them to provide feedback throughout the development process, and more broadly get them engaged with the development process. With Internet Explorer 9's Platform Preview, Microsoft has indeed taken steps to do exactly this. Though Microsoft still isn't releasing the nightly builds that other browsers offer, the Platform Preview definitely represents progress; it provides early access to IE9's core rendering and JavaScript engines, and will be updated approximately every eight weeks.

The eight-week cycle was chosen because Redmond felt this provided the best trade-off between getting regular updates into developers' hands, ensuring that the preview releases are reasonably robust, and getting useful feedback that integrates well with Microsoft's own development processes. Each version will undergo reasonably extensive testing during the eight-week period, giving ample opportunity for bugs to be filed. For its part, the IE team has committed to investigating every single bug filed, and resolving all that it can.

Indications are that the Platform Preview has thus far been quite successful. Sources close to the matter state that some 700,000 copies of the preview have been downloaded, and that interest has been global in spite of the preview being a US English-only release. The top three bug report areas are SVG, compatibility, and then CSS, which certainly indicates that developers are taking an interest in testing the browser's new features and ensuring they work correctly. Of the hundreds of bugs filed thus far, the same source says that around 60 percent of them have been addressed by the development team.    [More...] [Comments...]



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