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Firefox update brings protection from Flash crashes
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 18:25

From ARS Technica

Firefox update brings protection from Flash crashes

Mozilla is rolling out an update of its Firefox Web browser that adds support for plugin isolation. Version 3.6.4, which includes the new feature, was officially released on Tuesday and will be deployed soon through the browser's automated update system.


It is unusual for Mozilla to deploy a major new feature in a minor point update, but the plugin isolation capability is a worthy exception to the rule, since it will significantly improve the browser's stability. In the new version of Firefox, plugin components like Flash and Silverlight will run in external processes. When these plugins crash, the browser itself will not be terminated.

Browser vendors are increasingly adopting the multiprocess approach in order to improve stability and security. In some browsers, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, the tabs themselves are sandboxed into separate processes. Mozilla launched a project last year called Electrolysis with the aim of bringing experimental multiprocess browsing to Firefox. Isolating plugin runtimes in separate processes is Firefox's first step towards full multiprocess browsing.

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