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Apple releases IOS 4.1 to fix faults
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 09 September 2010 18:32

From The Inquirer:

PHONE MAKER TO THE FASHION BRIGADE Apple has released the latest version of its Iphone OS in a bid to fix a number of hardware and software faults.

Since IOS 4.0 made its debut with the Iphone 4, the cappuccino company has been under siege as fanbois complained of problems with the phone's reception, proximity sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, movie software, email synchronisation and a raft of other issues. Apple laid the blame for much of this squarely on its software division, backing up its claims with some very questionable reasoning. This was shortly followed by reports that Iphone 3G users found that their phones ground to a halt thanks to IOS 4.0, suggesting that not only did Apple debut a faulty phone but duff software as well.



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