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The 21st century guide to platform trolling: Apple edition
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 18:09

From Ars Technica

Though the glory days of platform contention may be behind us, there is plenty about today's computing landscape that's... sub-optimal, shall we say. Yesterday we looked at some of the many problems with the world of Windows: things that make the computing experience worse than it should be.

Windows' number one competitor is, of course, Mac OS X (sorry penguins, maybe 2011 will be the year of Linux on the desktop), and Mac OS X is free of many of the problems that plague Windows. Unfortunately, the platform has plenty of problems of its own. Today, we're going to take a look at them.
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One of the things that sets Mac OS X apart from Windows is the hardware it runs on. Sure, Macs are PCs these days, but if that PC isn't Apple-branded, you're not allowed to run Mac OS X on it, per the terms of the EULA. And while there are a few brave souls out there sticking it to The Man with their Hackintoshes, for normal people the EULA rules: they run Mac OS X on Apple hardware.

Now, there's nothing wrong with Apple hardware per se. The machines are generally well-designed and attractive. But the hardware range is oh-so limited. Want a 12" ultraportable, a spiritual successor to the widely-loved 12" PowerBook G4? Too bad. Lenovo has 'em. Dell has 'em. Toshiba has 'em. Apple? Sorry, but no. Oh, sure, there's the MacBook Air, which is certainly thin and light. But a 12" screen would make it small, too, and size matters. Small is beautiful! There are currently rumors doing the rounds that the MacBook Air will shortly be updated to have a smaller, sub-12" screen, so the 12" ultraportable will be back—but this in turn is likely to leave the position the current MacBook Air fills vacant.

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