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Ray Ozzie Predicts a "Post-PC World" of Smart-Sensing Mobile Devices
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 25 October 2010 18:13

From DailyTech

Ozzie's previous post seems prophetic, will Microsoft heed his latest advice?

Ray Ozzie has been an important and innovative force in the software industry.  He helped to mastermind Lotus Notes.  And in 2005, he joined Microsoft after the company acquired his networking startup.  That year he became one of three Chief Technical Officers (CTOs).  And the next year it was announced that he would replace Bill Gates as the company's Chief Software Architect, a move that many argued placed him as third-in-command at Microsoft (after Ballmer and the semi-retired Gates) and a likely successor to Ballmer for the CEO spot.


However, Mr. Ozzie, 54, announced last week plans to "retire" from Microsoft.  This week he delivered the company an important parting gift -- a second prophetic software thesis in memo form.

Mr. Ozzie's first memo, entitled "The Internet Services Disruption" chastised Microsoft for letting Google, Skype, and others beat it in fields in which it had laid the groundwork.  The memo predicted the growth of advertising-driven services and an increasing need for "compelling, integrated user experiences that 'just work'".  Microsoft arguably delivered on the latter with Windows 7/Xbox Live, but has continued to struggle on the former with its advertising efforts falling far short of ad-driven services from Google, Facebook, Myspace, and others.

Of course Microsoft is hoping to finally improve on that objective with the ad-supported release of Office 2010 in June 2010.

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