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Guide: Broadcast your PC to the World
Written by Aghastpumpkin   
Thursday, 11 January 2007 05:53
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Guide: Broadcast your PC to the World
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More than ever, the ability to move our files, music, videos and photos around is incredibly important. The most popular way of doing this for most people is Portable Data Storage, i.e. USB Flash Memory Drives or Portable External Hard Drives. The problem with PDS devices is that they are still fairly time consuming, and for some people difficult to manage. Portable Hard Drives also still add to your daily baggage.

What if you could access all your music, photos, videos and files, without needing a PDS Device? What if you could log onto another computer, and easily access all your files? We already know about using our own personal web space as a medium to store files. But this method is clumsy, time consuming, unreliable in many cases and often slow. It really isn’t what the general public needs. What the general public needs, is the ability to access everything on the move, without having to do anything to it.

I often find myself in situations where it would be useful to have all my files with me. I might be at a party, and think to myself, damn, I really fancy playing this song. But I can’t, because I don’t have it on me. It’s on my computer. Which is at home.

Orb Software 

Now, however, I have found the light. Orb 2.0 is a revolutionary piece of software that allows you to set-up your always-on home PC so that you can stream and download anything and everything on this PC, to any other PC connected to the internet. We’ve seen similar attempts at software that allows you to access your PC remotely, but Orb attempts to do it in a way that means all you need is an internet ready pc and a browser. As long as your home PC is running, you can then setup this brilliant piece of software to allow you to access everything on the move.

Orb lets you stream and access all your media and files from any internet connected PC


MyCasting at parties 

So now, if I am at a party and think, hey it would be great to play this song, I have Orb set up on my home PC (which I leave switched on) and all I have to do is go to the Orb Website on my friends PC, login, and I can stream all of my music and download documents. The music and videos simply get streamed through a Media Player such as Windows Media Player, and the files can be downloaded quickly and opened in the relevant program.

What does Orb allow you to do?

  • Stream all your music
  • Stream all your videos
  • Download your documents to view or work on (any file type, so this could be a Word Document, a Spreadsheet...etc)
  • Stream television channels (Requires your broadcast PC to have an existing hardware TV Card – this is not the same as Internet TV)


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