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Internet Opera 10.0 RC vs. Chrome 4 Benchmarking
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 27 August 2009 11:31

Opera and Google's upcoming products square off

Jason Mick (Blog) - August 27, 2009 9:51 AM

Opera shared its Opera 10.0 browser release candidate with the world Tuesday, as it advanced towards an important launch.  The third-party browser manufacturer's new offering is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows computers.  It refines many of the features that were introduced in the beta candidates of 10.0 release.

Namely, speed boost and Mail have continued to be refined and are now at the point where Opera is satisfied with them.  In testing by BetaNews, the Turbo mode now delivers 358 percent faster page loads than when in normal load when the turbo is turned up to x3 (BetaNews failed to mention what test they used).  This is 58 percent more than even Opera's advertised boost.  The compressed pages are delivered with JPGs at high compression rates, making some images more pixellated .[ DailyTech...]   [Comments...]

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