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Hands on with Mac Chrome beta: incomplete but looking good
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 18:36

From Ars Technica

Chrome for Mac and Linux are officially in beta after months of developer builds. Does the browser hold up against Safari on the Mac? We think it definitely could, but there are still a number of improvements to be made. We've also got a couple of thoughts on the Linux version.


Google has finally released Chrome, the company's own Web browser, into beta on the Mac and Linux. The software has been in development for some time—at least since the Windows version was first released in late 2008—and is now available as a tidy package for the Mac-using masses who weren't previously interested in digging around in build trees. Though it's important to remember that this is still a beta (with all that entails), we came away impressed with the Mac version of Chrome.

First, a disclaimer: though some members of the staff (and, of course, many of you) have been using Chrome as a developer preview for some time, many of us have not. This includes me—I'm currently a devoted Safari 4 user, previously a rabidly devoted Firefox user. This hands-on is written from the perspective of someone who is familiar with, but otherwise new to Chrome on the Mac.

Those just installing Chrome will observe that it's incredibly fast—as in, Safari levels of fast. This is certainly a plus when many alternate browsers (hi, Firefox) are, well, not. Page renders are quick and keyboard commands can keep up with my 140wpm fingers, something Safari sometimes even has trouble with from time to time. Those who are familiar with Chrome also know that each browser tab is sandboxed in its own process, opening the door for potential memory slowdowns, but also protecting the overall browsing session from being taken down by a single rogue tab. I'm a bit of a tab abuser myself, though I didn't run into any noticeable slowdowns during the time I tested it. [More...] [Comments...]


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