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Mozilla ships Firefox 3.6 Beta 5, pushes final into 2010
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 21 December 2009 18:33

From Computerworld.

Didn't quash enough bugs to make RC, so delays finished browser until early next year

Mozilla on Thursday issued a fifth beta of Firefox 3.6 rather than move on to a release candidate, a decision that will push the final code ship date into early 2010, a company executive said Friday.

Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 was released as an update to current testers early Thursday, and can also be installed by others who download it from Mozilla's site.

Beta 5 includes nearly 130 fixes from the last beta, which Mozilla released in late November. The fixes resolved numerous crash bugs, including a major crash problem in the Mac edition's TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine, and other bugs in Firefox's private browsing mode, the automatic password retrieval component and the fast startup module.

The release of the new beta was up in the air last Monday, when Mozilla said it was only one option for the week. "Beta 5 builds are being tested by QA now, targeting a Thursday release unless we get to RC [Release Candidate] first," the company said in a weekly status meeting. "We are really, really close to being code-complete & only need 8 more patches and a TraceMonkey merge. If we can go to build today or tomorrow, QA will scrap Beta 5 and we'll release RC to the beta audience ASAP."

The appearance of Beta 5 means that Mozilla has pushed back both the Release Candidate -- typically the last preview milestone -- and the final, finished software. [More...] [Comments...]



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