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XBMC 9.11 makes your open source home theater look shinier
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 18:35

From ARS Technica

The developers behind the XBMC project have released a new version of the popular open source media player. It comes with an impressive new user interface theme.

The developers behind the XBMC project have announced the official release of version 9.11, codenamed Camelot, a major update that includes an improved user interface theme and a number of new features.

XBMC is a cross-platform media center application that is distributed under an open source license. Originally designed to run on Microsoft's Xbox gaming console in 2003, the program has evolved to run on conventional desktop computers and has attracted a considerable audience of users and developers. Although it lacks DVR capabilities, it supports a broad assortment of media playback and library management features.

I use XBMC as the primary media playback software on my Ubuntu-based HTPC. I updated to version 9.11 from the XBMC PPA and conducted extensive hands-on testing of the new release. I have found it to be a nice incremental improvement over its predecessor. It looks great, performs well, and generally boosts the quality of the user experience. I still favor it over alternatives like Boxee, but Boxee still has the lead in some areas—particularly Web video integration.

One of the most visible changes in XBMC 9.11 is the new default theme, called Confluence. It incorporates elements from a number of popular existing skins but still manages to deliver a unique and distinctive look and feel. It's a lot more polished than PM3.HD, the previous default theme.   [More...] [Comments...]



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