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Review: Firefox 3.6 brings joy to Web devs, not just users
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 21 January 2010 19:12

From ARS Technica

Mozilla's Firefox got a bit hotter today with the official release of version 3.6, a noteworthy update of the popular open source Web browser. It's an incremental improvement that introduces a modest assortment of new features and expands the browser's support for emerging Web standards. It will add fuel to the fire as the flame-throwing fox continues to scorch Internet Explorer's declining marketshare, bringing more choice and openness to the Web.

It's been roughly six months since the release of Firefox 3.5, Mozilla's last major update. This new release is less ambitious, but just as solid. Although there aren't a lot of significant user-facing features to talk about, there are some compelling improvements for Web developers. In this review we will look at both sides of the browser.

One of the most visible new features in this release for regular end users is the Personas system, which brings support for lightweight theming to Firefox. It allows users to apply a custom visual style to the browser's user interface elements, including the toolbars, menus, tabs, and status bar. It's intended to provide a simple alternative to Firefox's existing theming engine. Unlike conventional Firefox themes—which can profoundly alter the look, feel, and behavior of the program at a multitude of different levels—a Persona is like a decal that you can apply to the top layer.    [More...] [Comments...]



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